An account of the Guardian’s racist endorsement of the Balfour Declaration

A bit of background information on Britain’s dis-honourable conduct over Palestine.

An account of the Guardian’s racist endorsement of the Balfour Declaration.

Reboot for a new economy | the new economics foundation

Another article from the New Economics Forum on what the Government should do to reboot the economy, instead of their present policies which are failing so miserably.

Reboot for a new economy | the new economics foundation.

There are those who consider themselves acdemically superior who feel the ordinary public could not care less for about efforts to prevent climate change and living sustainably. This is not the case, they just would like to see proper leadership on bringing it about.

Inside track

This guest post, by Matthew Evans of Ipsos MORI,  is based on recent international research conducted by Ipsos MORI.

Delivering behaviour change is essential if we are to have a more sustainable society. Meeting the UK’s climate change targets will require action at an individual as well as governmental level.

There is a variety of ways in which these changes in behaviour can be achieved. These include top down legislation, providing information to enable people to make informed decisions, and offering incentives to ease the financial cost to people of making changes to the way they travel, heat their homes and choose more environmentally-friendly products. But what do the public think about these efforts to change the way they live?

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A plea from a concerned resident of Hulme.

The Manchester Metropolitan University promised to keep Hulme residents informed of the MMU's plans.  This has not happened since their marketing exercise ended in November 2010.  They have felled all the large mature trees in defiance of resident's objections.  They now want to extinguish all right-of-way for Hulme residents, even though they promised this will not happened.  Below is a post from a Hulme resident urging residents to put objections in against this betrayal of Hulme residents by Manchester Metropolitan University and Manchester City Council and Hulme's councillors.

From; :

There are just 27 days left for Hulme residents to object to
MMU's bid to turn Birley Fields into a quasi-private estate. It's bad
enough the Council have given MMU the valuable land - don't let them
privatise the streets too! Don't be fooled by their assurances about
'accessibility' for the local public mentioned in their plans - all
PUBLIC RIGHTS OF WAY are to be extinguished.

I would like to urge all on this group to use your right under
the Town and Country Planning Act to ask the secretary of state to
'reserve'  the PUBLIC RIGHT OF WAY of Bonsall Street for pedestrians
and cyclists. Otherwise residents will have no appeal if a couple of
years down the line MMU erect barriers, or put up signs saying 'no
cycling' or walking accross the campus. Just wait until a student gets
raped and you will see fences and gating go up... If you think this is
a silly objection about something not likely to happen - read on..

This happened at Manchester Science Park when they erected gates
accross a path and started locking them at 7pm every night. It
happened when they built Cambridge Hall on Lloyd Street and MMU
security jobsworths started telling local people they could not walk
through to All Saints. And it happened back in the 1960's when MMU
were allowed to build accross the Easternmost end of Cavendish
Street... there are now signs there telling you that you have 'No
Public Right Of Way' to Oxford Rd... (Recently re-worded, but it means
the same thing). Ok, so you can walk through - but isn't the sign so
damned annoying?  It's like, "You may breathe near our property but it
is not our intention to grant you a human RIGHT to life".

Lets give them some annoyance back! Come on people, if enough
residents object it may trigger a public enquiry into the whole
proposal, delay it, and give further opportunity to raise concerns
about the knock-on effect of increased traffic on Stretford Rd (unsafe
for cyclists). Yes, some of the trees are gone. Yes, the land is gone.
But it's not too late to save PUBLIC RIGHTS OF WAY accross it.

See the notices on Bonsall Street for full details. The most
important part is this:"

"Any person may object to the making of the proposed order within the
period of 28 days commencing on 20th April 2012 by notice to the
Secretary of State, quoting the above reference*, addressed to the
National Transport Casework Team, 2nd Floor, Lancaster House,
Hampshire Court, Newcastle Business Park, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4

*reference 095557/FO/2011/S1

Quick Guidance on Objecting (by Eddie)

The closure of Bonsall Street is not essential to the campus plan.

You can object outright to ANY stopping up of Bonsall St if you wish,
or just argue to 'reserve' the Public Rights for just bikes and

The criss-crossing paths on the grass are covered by the stopping up
order too, but these are not recorded 'public rights of way' anyway,
so I don't think there is any mileage in objecting to this - they are
just included to prevent any 'potential' claim that they ought to be
'created' as Public Rights Of  Way...

Personally, I am not bothering to object to the bit of 'Archway' they
want to stop up cost I just can't be bothered... but you can if you

You don't have to live in Hulme to object. Eg, if you drive through
Hulme to Stretford or Chorlton, you can object.

I think the strongest argument is that travelling East-West or West-
East accross Hulme cyclists will have to brave the increased traffic
either on Stretford Road or Greenheys Lane West (also soon to have
increased traffic when the Manchester Cronyidor Partnership thing re-
routes vehicular traffic into Hulme from Oxford Rd)

Another is access into Hulme for emergency services which may get
stuck in the gridlock on Stretford Rd.

Don't be put off by the confusing complexity of Rights Of Way law.  If
you object, just say so in simple terms. The more objections received,
the more likely there will have to be a 'public enquiry" for all
objections to be properly heard.

I will post the full text of the notice in next couple of days time.
And my own objection as an example. I think there is still a lot of
mileage in the Rights Of Way thing to win concessions for local
residents about the campus plan. The planning permission is just stage
one. "It ain't over until the fat lady sings", as they say...

annoying eddie 🙂

“I will never give up our house”: Sabri Gharib kept promise to resist Israeli settlement until his final day | The Electronic Intifada

“I will never give up our house”: Sabri Gharib kept promise to resist Israeli settlement until his final day | The Electronic Intifada.

Missed renewable energy targets will cost UK dear, warns study | Environment | The Observer

Another news article about the failure of our politicians.  They refuse to support renewables and insist on maintaining their addiction to fossil fuels and nuclear.  All non-sustainable and economically prohibitive.  It is time the British public woke up to the fact they need to show the main stream parties the door.

Missed renewable energy targets will cost UK dear, warns study | Environment | The Observer.

Richard Benyon, the minister destroying what he is paid to protect | George Monbiot | Environment |

This article portrays the true qualities of the politicians who run this country.  They do not understand that their unsustainable consumption of Nature’s resources will ultimately bring about the human race’s demise.

Richard Benyon, the minister destroying what he is paid to protect | George Monbiot | Environment |

Coalition makes U-turn on nuclear energy subsidies | Environment |

People wrongly believe that their energy bills are high due to subsidies to renewables.  Nothing could be further from the truth from Corporation Tax exemption for North Sea oil and gas rigs to hidden subsidies to nuclear.  It is not renewables that are causing a rise in energy bills has they receive a very small fraction of Government funding:

So, it has now been revealed that this Government will continue with their subsidies.

Coalition makes U-turn on nuclear energy subsidies | Environment |