JRF report on bedroom tax – as inept as the policy itself…unfortunately!

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) sometimes produces good reports but not every time. I have read reports from the JRF about the regeneration of Hulme in the 1990s. They only turned out to be self-publicity for one of those heavilly involved, with Manchester City Council in the regeneration process. The report did not how local residents were not truly involved in the regeneration process, or the fact that in reality, it has been a failure. This report on the bedroom tax did make some valid points but as Joe Halewood, it does not go far enough, in highlighting the total disregard it has on people’s lifes.

Stafford hospital update: insanity reigns

Removing locally accessable services, is another attack on the most needy in the community and should be of considerable concern to all


I’ve written at length on this blog about the concerted and sustained hatchet-job that has been done on Stafford hospital (just search ‘Stafford’ and/or ‘Mid Staffs’ and/or ‘HSMR’) as part of the wider strategy by this government and the private health interests that back it.

For a long time, the people of Stafford have fought to keep their local acute services, with tens of thousands taking to the streets to support their hospital and its dedicated staff. Meanwhile, the constant smears by ministers and press continue and honours are awarded to those collaborating in the attack.

Plans to dismantle Stafford’s services and farm them out to a neighbouring NHS trust are utterly and unmistakably flawed, as they will cost more and achieve less than what is already in placeplans supposedly ‘reviewed’ by the same people who made them in the first place. But the fact that such…

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