Bedroom tax decision: So Cameron has committed contempt of Parliament too

They mention a member of the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee, Peter Wheeler sending out a letter promising to abolish this tax.  The Labour Party made plenty of promises during the elections which saw Blair the war-criminal becoming Prime Minister.  They never re-nationalised the Railways, improve nurses and auxiliaries wages and never overturned anti-union legislation.  If any think, they reinforced anti-union legislation and never signed up to the EU’s ‘working-time directive’.  The Labour Party is also not a party fit to govern the UK.

In a letter to constituency Labour organisations, Peter Wheeler, a member of the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee has stated: “To win the election it is vital that we are very clear with the electorate that a Labour Government will offer real hope to people suffering under this government.

“One of the key issues will be the bedroom tax. We need to be very clear that a Labour Government will abolish this wicked piece of Tory legislation.” He went on to call for constituencies to demand that this will be a part of the Labour election manifesto in 2015.


Bedroom tax decision: So Cameron has committed contempt of Parliament too.

NHS scandals – too many pen-pushers, too few medical staff

Under both Labour and Conservatives, nurse and auxiliaries pay has lagged behind other professions.  Whilst the Consultants and so-called management have had above inflation salary increases.  On top of this, money is continually waste on reorganisation and rebranding NHS trusts.  The real problem is our incompetent politicians.

NHS scandals – too many pen-pushers, too few medical staff.

Map of “Greater Israel” Published by Radical Settler Movement

The State of Israel was illegally imposed upon the Palestinians by the newly formed UN. Even though the Palestinians were are allies during the First World War and the Second World War. It is time the UK Government made up for this betrayal.

Occupied Palestine | فلسطين

Essential Read: The Promised Land ~ by Jad KhairAllah
January 15th, 2009 Martini Lahoud

“The process of national revival of the Jewish people is irreversible and has its internal logic. We shall have no peace as long as the whole territory of the Country of Israel will not return under Jewish control. This might sound too hard, but such is the logic of history. The war on the Holy Land has been already fought for four thousand years and the end cannot be seen. A stable peace will come only then, when Israel will return to itself all its historical lands, and will thus control both the Suez and the Ormudz channel. The state will find at last its geostrategic completeness. We must remember that Iraqi oil fields too are located on the Jewish land. This may seem utopia to many now – but an even greater utopia seemed a…

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Press Release: response to OECD Action Plan on corporate tax avoidance « Escape from Europe

If large corporations paid their fair share of tax, there would not be the need to drastically cut the welfare state.  Taxing the corporations would provide the finances to help improve the NHS and to pay nurses and auxiliaries a proper liveable wage.

Press Release: response to OECD Action Plan on corporate tax avoidance « Escape from Europe.

A Selection Of Especially Stupid Sanctions

How do the politicians who push through these things, expect people to live?

Comment by the Rev Paul Nicholson, of Taxpayers Against Poverty via  I also endorse every word.

Ministers at the Department of Work and Pensions repeat ad nauseam their mantra: “It is not fair for taxpayers to be asked to pay for the cost of spare bedrooms, or housing benefit” which is high in central London because rents are high etc, etc. Therefore the poorest citizens are thrust into unmanageable debt by caps and cuts in housing benefit, possible eviction, forced migration, undue stress and misery. As a citizen who pays income and council tax, VAT and the excise duty on my evening glass of wine, I steam with indignation each time I am used by ministers to justify such draconian measures making people poorer.

I am glad my taxation is used to enable my fellow citizens, both in and out of work, to buy enough food, clothes, fuel, transport and other necessities, to pay council tax and the rent of secure homes, when they have no other means to do so; and bewildered by the short-sightedness of a policy which deliberately reduces the totally inadequate adult JSA of £67.50 a week by creating rent arrears, with debt-related mental health problems and high extra costs for a hard-pressed NHS.

The self-evident unfairness is the current policy of dumping national debt and deficit reduction on the incomes of the squeezed middle and poorest citizens, while the higher-paid taxpayers experience no financial inconvenience. Meanwhile the OECD reports that $11.5 trillionincluding bonuses, is parked in overseas accounts and the Treasury is aware that£100bn of property in central London alone is registered overseas – both out of reach of the taxman. That really is unfair.

Govt Appoint Rothschilds to Dump Toxic RBS Debts into a Tax-Payer Owned ‘Bad Bank’

RBS, Northern Rock and HBOS should all been allowed to fail, this is what is supposed to happen in a free-market. This then allows new businesses to set-up in the vacuum, which more than likely, would have been better than the old

Scriptonite Daily


In June this year, Osborne announced he was launching a ‘Bad Bank’ review for the partly state owned Royal Bank of Scotland.  Like Northern Rock before it, the Chancellor intends to sell off the valuable assets of the Bank to the private sector, while the toxic assets are retained by the public sector. And he’s paying the Rothschilds to draw up the plans. Yes, it is exactly as bad a deal as it sounds.

The RBS Story


In a nutshell: relatively small, parochial safe bank in Scotland decides to become a bigger player by taking more risk – and it all goes badly wrong.

Dating back to the 18th Century, the bank started with £111,347 and focussed on printing bank notes.  Over time it developed a personal and corporate banking business, and grew south of the border through the 19th century.  During the 20th century post…

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