Bibi’s Crazy UN Speech: Medievalist poses as champion of “modernity” | Sabbah Report

An article which puts the case, well, that the Israelis are bent on supremacy and war with it’s neighbour.  No doubt sure, they will receive the backing of the US.

Bibi’s Crazy UN Speech: Medievalist poses as champion of “modernity” | Sabbah Report.

NHS not save in Labours hand either, especially under Ed Miliband

It has been pointed out to me by skwalker1964 that the Guardian had run two articles about Ed Miliband and the NHS.

In the first article, it has Ed Miliband exhorting Labour councils to use Public Health Boards to fight the worst of the Conservative privatisation of the NHS: Ed Miliband Health election campaign.  

The second article, it states Ed Miliband stating that he would not sanction money on reversing the Conservative privatisation of the NHS.  It does state that a Labour spokesman confirming the party would stick with it’s promise of reversing the NHS bill: Ed Mliband Labour vision.  

If anyone thinks that you can trust Labour or the Conservatives must be deluded.  Labour promised to improve the railways in the public interest but gave Virgin a monopoly to run the West Coast Line.  To Keep the NHS save but they were responsible for the initial stages of privatisation of the NHS through its Private Finance Initiatives.  Labour party manifesto 1997.  

An lets not forget, Blair took us into two illegal wars, the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.  This country urgently needs electoral reform in the form of Proportional Representation like the majority of countries that are democratic countries.  Unlike the UK which is not a democratic country and has never been, except before the Norman invasion.

100 Million people will die by 2030 if the World does not act on Climate Change

A new report released on the 26th September 2012, called A Guide to the Cold Calculus of a Hot Planet’, claims 100 Million people will die before 2030, due to the results of Climate Change.  This is because of the inactions of Governments and businesses to act on climate change.  This has led to a more polluted planet, causing the Global temperature to rise.  Unfortunately Governments and business are locked into a fossil-fuel and consumer economy.  They have not heeded the calls to invest in real renewable technologies and a move away from ‘business-as-usual’ model.

The report is optimistic, that there is still an opportunity to scale-back pollution and halt Global warming.  I feel, it will not happen, till there is a complete collapse in water and food supplies, when it is too late.  They put forward the argument that economically (not the first time, it has been argued), it would be the sensible thing to do.  It would reduce poverty, hunger and ill-health and opposed to the outcome of pursuing a carbon economy.  This is a report all politicians and business people should read and act on it.

At a meeting of Southern Voices a talk given by Washington Alcott ( a Jamaican), entitled ‘Climate Change – A conservation from the South’.  Made the point that climate change and the environment agenda;

“It was predominately the white-middle class who dominated the debate and decided the outcomes”.

I agree with him, in fact I would go further, it is the so-called ( predominately white) educated middle-class who are part of the problem.  The do not want to change their life-styles, so do not want real change.  Even, those espousing to be environmentally aware, still drive the most, shunning public transport and continue to fly abroad multiple times a year for  holidays.  They consume more than those on reduced incomes, but pay less because of the unequal charging mechanisms.  Because of their spending power, they could make a huge difference but they will not.  There are ‘OK Jack, sod you’.

Davey vows to fight Tory tea party tendency for a “fairer, greener Britain” – 24 Sep 2012 – News from BusinessGreen

Full of promises, but will they be able to integrate the country into a ‘green economy’.  They continually talk about growth, when that is the last thing the planet needs but a transfer to a Green economy.  There is no mention about taxing aviation, for the pollution it causes.  And it is not the South East were we do not want airport expansion, it is country wide.

Even the CBI is calling for a rejection of massive investment in large-scale gas plant to solve the countries energy crisis.  Unfortunately, they do still say they is a need for nuclear, which is prohibitively expensive and not carbon neutral.

Davey vows to fight Tory tea party.


We need to go back to basics, organic farming, growing crops native to that region. Industrial farming just damages the biodiversity of the soil, the fauna and flora and is extremely wasteful of water and fossil fuels. Idiots like Gates should have never been allowed to have a monopoly, as he had. He has no idea about nature and the environment.

House approves GOP bill to revoke environmental standards – 24 Sep 2012 – News from BusinessGreen

Some more bad news from the US, who have the largest carbon footprint per person than anywhere else.  They are living on 6 planets worth of resources and they just want to consume more.  And yet they criticise countries like China and India, who are trying to improve the living standards of their citizens.  And the individual carbon footprints 6 times less than the US citizen.

House approves GOP bill to revoke environmental standards – 24 Sep 2012 – News from BusinessGreen.

Senate votes to ban US airlines from EU carbon trading  

In the UK, despite a Government which also does not understand the need for more renewable energy supplies especially, small localised units.  Investment in onshore wind turbines appears to be strong, with new wind farms coming on-line.

Arctic “death spiral” leaves climate scientists shocked and worried | The Vancouver Observer – Page 1

An in depth report on why we should be very worried about the melting ice-caps.  and why we in the Global North should be cutting back our excessive consumption, especially of fossil fuels.  Time to ditch the car and walk, cycle or use public transport.  And do you really need to fly any where?

Arctic “death spiral” leaves climate scientists shocked and worried | The Vancouver Observer – Page 1.

An interesting article about the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), drawing attention to why people normally change boilers. The whole Green Deal, has been set-up to benefit the biggest energy companies not local tradesman or the public themselves. I think this just shows the Government are not really serious about reducing the country’s carbon footprint.

Inside track

This post is by Adam Bell, Green Alliance’s policy adviser on low carbon energy.

The next ten years must see a revolution in the way we heat our homes. A third of the UK’s carbon emissions come from heat, and we will need to both reduce the amount of heat we use in homes, and change the way we produce it, if we are to have any chance of meeting our carbon targets.

Heat exchange
The Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is intended to help achieve this by providing financial incentives to homes and businesses to replace their current heating with a renewable system, such as a heat pump, a solar thermal installation, or a biomass boiler.

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Monsanto weedkiller and GM maize in ‘shocking’ cancer study | News | The Grocer

More prove in any more was needed, that GM crops and foods produced from then are not needed.  When Genetically Modified crops came on the market, they were nicknamed ‘Frankenstein’ foods.  It looks like GM food is living up to this name.

I am not a supporter of animal testing.

Monsanto weedkiller and GM maize in ‘shocking’ cancer study | News | The Grocer.

Ethex – Blogs

An interesting blog about the Bristol Pound, where local traders are accepting the local currency in preference to using the normal banking system.  It is something that has come out of the Transition Towns movement such as Transition Towns Totnes

The first in the country and the first to introduce it’s own currency.


Ethex – Blogs.