Viridis Lumen: Fracking Awful

This is not just an issue in the US, Australia has similar environmental problems with coal-seam methane extraction by ‘fracking’:

Viridis Lumen: Fracking Awful.

New young Israeli Refusers | The Only Democracy?

Not all Israelis believe in the states mission to ethnically cleanse Palestine of all Palestinians and Bedouin.  And the violence, human and civil right abuses committed by state.  Hopefully they will overcome the old powers and install a real democracy.

New young Israeli Refusers | The Only Democracy?.

The Israelis know nothing but violence.

As well as preventing people entering Palestine legally, they also use brutality to suppress peaceful protest.  And Governments and Airlines do nothing but the Israelis bidding:

The perfect drug? Monsanto hooks Nepal on GMO corn — RT

Once again we see the evil hand of Monsanto, with all it’s money convince a Government that there product will save the day.  What will happen is the people and environment will be poisoned.  Then the output from this product will decline, leaving the Nepalese worse off from before.  They need to investigate organic farming methods, with the choice of crops they are trying to grow.

The perfect drug? Monsanto hooks Nepal on GMO corn — RT.

‘Israel cannot legally ban pro-Palestinian activists bound for West Bank’

The Israelis do not care about laws, they have ignored International Law since before their inception, with their terrorist acts in Palestine pre-1948.

Welcome to Palestine

Ahead of planned fly-in protest, lawyer who defended activists who took part in 2011 ‘flytilla’ says protesters must gain entry to Israel in order to request West Bank entry from IDF.

By Jack Khoury | Haaretz | April 11, 2012

Israel’s Interior Ministry has no authority to refuse entry to activists taking part in Sunday’s pro-Palestinian fly-in protest, a lawyer who represented activists detained in last year’s protest claims.

The fly-in protest, part of a campaign entitled “Welcome to Palestine,” is due to take place on Sunday with the arrival of thousands of international activists at Ben-Gurion Airport. Last July, a similar “fly-in” took place, with over 300 international activists arriving in Israel, and 120 detained.

fly-in, pro-palestinian activistIsraeli pro-Palestinian activists at Ben-Gurion International Airport on July 8, 2011.
Photo by: Ilan Assayag

Attorney Amar Schatz, who represented two Australian activists who arrived at Ben-Gurion Airport for last year’s protest, but were…

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FOE’s advert in The Independant.

This is an advert in The Independent,  The Daily Telegraph refused to publish, refuting the Daily Telegraphs claim that moving to a clean economy is bad for business.  Obviously, the Telegraph’s journalists have done absolutely no research for their article.


The video Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land

At a time which is considered Holy, Easter or Passover, the suffering of the Palestinians goes unabated.  What hypocrites, those who go to church and synagogues, whilst ignoring what is happening in their name.  Why are the Palestinians dying for the sins of the United States Jewish industrialists and financiers, who supported Hitler  before and at the beginning of the Second World War.   This is something that Sir Winston Churchill, documents in his book, The Second World War, London, Cassell 1959.  That, even though knew of the treatment of Jews in NAZI occupied lands (except Denmark), they wanted to support the Nazis, to destroy the British Trade Empire, once and for all.  This is ultimately why Palestine, which had a 2% Jewish population, should be a new Jewish state.  The Palestinians, who were are allies during the First and Second World Wars, have been made to suffer for the failures of the US and Europe.   To even hint, that it is the Israelis who are in the wrong will ultimately lead to accusations, I am anti-Semitic.   That is how they censor criticism, something they highlight at the end of the video.

Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land