Why We Don’t Care About Saving Our Grandchildren From Climate Change

One does get the feeling parents are too selfish, to consider what the future holds for their children and grandchildren. I have spoken to parents who are the biggest climate denialists and believe it is the environmentalist who have all the money and are just propergating nonsense!

Gus Hoyt: Bristol shows how being green is the only sensible thing to do – Bristol24-7

Richard Leese, leader of Manchester City Council, continually argues, Manchester City Council cannot do anything without the other councils within Greater Manchester doing so as well.  I attended the Triodos Bank AGM (Annual General Meeting) in Bristol the other month and heard some inspirational stories from people including those from Bristol.  The Mayor of Bristol was one of those who spoke about what had been achieved and what they are still trying to achieve.  There was an atmosphere of being part of the solution and of success.  This feeling of success, came on top of my feeling, things are getting done in Bristol, after my visit for the Triodos Renewables Fund AGM.  I had posted earlier about my visit to the AGM: Bristol-and-Wessex-Water.  Not the constant complaints why it cannot be done or that it is somebody’s fault, they constantly emanates from Richard Leese.  How he can be considered a leader, is beyond me, he is unfit to be in charge of an empty shopping trolley, in an empty car park.  The article reinforces the fact, that Bristol is moving forward on being green and sustainable:

Gus Hoyt: Bristol shows how being green is the only sensible thing to do – Bristol24-7.

5 top resources on the IPCC report

Despite the lack of any real main stream media coverage, other than the usual climate change denial. It is up to us to push the message, that we should be doing more and should of being doing it years ago.

Inside track

bear_350If the publication of  last week’s IPCC report left you wanting to know more, but not wanting to read a lot more, we’ve put together a list of links below to five, interesting, short content resources on the subject. Comment here or send us a tweet (@GreenAllianceUK) if you know any more worth sharing and we’ll add them to the list. 

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