Why was the world’s biggest biomass power station closed down – and what does this mean for forests?

Moving to biomass incineration, even for domestic heating is not the way forward, is not environmentally friendly and is a polluting source of energy.

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Background to Tilbury B:

On 13th August, Tilbury B, so far the world’s biggest biomass power station commissioned so far, was shut down for good.  It is sited along the Thames east of London and was opened as a coal power station in 1968 and later acquired by RWE Npower.   It was one of several UK coal power stations which did not meet the EU’s 2001 Large Combustion Plant Directive (LCPD) because of its very high sulphur dioxide

Historically, UK coal and oil-fired power stations have been amongst the most polluting in Europe and few of them are fitted with the expensive technology to reduce sulphur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions.   The UK emits more SO2 than any other country in western Europe.  Under the EU’s LCPD directive, companies were given the option to either retrofit their coal power stations with SO2 scrubbers, to purchase enough…

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The Colorado Flood: An Opportunity to Think about Risk, Natural Disasters and Climate Change

Despite the over-whelming evidence, that climate change is caused by humans burning fossil fuels and biomass. The Governments of the Global North continue with ‘business-as-usual’, and actively support fossil fuel industries and industries dependent on them. Also, the affluent middle-class have done nothing, to reduce the excessive consumption but instead, expect the least well-off, to reduce theirs.


As some of the readers of this blog will know I recently moved from London to Nederland, Colorado (a small town outside of Boulder – where I work). I arrived just in time for the Colorado flood last week. My tiny home up at 8500ft elevation was undamaged, but the water ran down the canyon ripping up both roads and houses down stream in Boulder and beyond.


Water from the mountains flowed down Boulder Creek at up to 25 times its normal intensity. The canyon road from Nederland into Boulder was badly damaged not only by mud and rockslides but by the erosion of its foundations as the earth dissolved into the river. Early this week I attended the town of Nederland post-flood recovery meeting where I witnessed the community coming to terms with the fact that the road we all depend on to get to Boulder has been partially washed away…

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Conference diary: do the Lib Dems have any big green ideas left?

I do think they have lost the environment and being considered green. In the original Stern Report, nuclear was ruled out because of the time frame to construct new nuclear, let alone consider all the issues around nuclear. We needed to reduce our emissions drastically and invest in real renewables, but instead we continue to pursue a fossil-fuel based energy policies. The Liberal-Democrats have sold their souls to the devil, to remain in power.

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Lib Dem conferenceGreen Alliance’s very own roving diarist of the party conference season, Alastair Harper, is back again this year with his first posting from the Liberal Democrats’ conference in Glasgow. It first appeared on BusinessGreen.

This is the year the parties position themselves for the electorate. What do they want people to vote for? The Liberal Democrats should have arrived in a drenched Glasgow ready to say it is for a strong environment. While the other parties spent their beach holidays reading books by or about their parliamentary colleagues, they were reading about the environment, with a survey showing they favoured the excellent Burning Question and Tony Juniper’s What has nature ever done for us?

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Details About Chemical Attack In Damascus You Won’t Be Hearing On BBC Or Sky News

There has been doubt on the USA’s claims that the Syrian Government Forces employed Sarin gas.

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EC_130507_britt620x413 The following report was published two days ago on Oil Price.com and is one of the most detailed accounts I’ve read so far about the chemical weapons attacks in Damascus on August 21st. Oil Price.com is not a political website with an ideological position to sell. Compare this to the fuzzy storydevoid of any real evidence upon which Obama has been relying to convince us that military action is necessary.

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Syrian Chemical Attack: More Evidence Only Leads to More Questions

By Yossef Bodansky | Tue, 10 September 2013 21:27 |

Accumulating new evidence regarding the August 21, 2013, chemical attack in Ghouta, eastern Damascus, raises most basic questions.

The recent findings point increasingly toward the conclusion that it was indeed a self-inflicted attack by the Syrian opposition in order to provoke a US and Western military intervention against the Ba’athist Government of Pres. Bashar al-Assad. Ultimately, it will take the…

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“Dark Snow falls in Copenhagen”; #food #climate and the #Arctic

That is why people should be buying and/or growing organic food, which is not heavily dependent on fossil fuels. Also the area affected most by climate change, is North America, where Inuit communities have lost their homes due to the melting permafrost.

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Manchester chef Jules Bagnoli reports from an inspiring gathering of foodies in Denmark.

IMG_3438When Nobel award winning Professor Jason Box bounced onto MAD3‘s woodland stage, freshly mown by the teeth of the previous speaker, forager Roland Rittman, the mainly chef crowd confidently had no idea what to expect next. Eyes narrowed at slide after slide of stark scarred ice images, melt rate graphs and magnified water molecules charted up to a 21 metre sea level rise in coming centuries – and the effect on a food industry in turn up to 40% responsible for climate change was not lost.

For those who hadn’t yet found their dark foam cushions and were already shifting on the circus plank seats, comfort shrank further at the sight of 80 square kilometres of the Jakobshavn glacier crumbling on screen. Where the world’s fastest glacier is going – seaward, and at 180 foot…

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How Intelligence Was Twisted to Support an Attack on Syria

This article on how the USA is trying to twist the facts, to support their push for military intervention in Syria.  The whole should be read, though one sentence from the British Joint Intelligence Organisation sums the situation up:

“The two-page assessment by the British Joint Intelligence Organisation released August 29, pointed to this question:”There is no obvious political or military trigger,” it said, “for regime use of Chemical War on an apparently larger scale now, particularly given the current presence of the UN investigating team.”

How Intelligence Was Twisted to Support an Attack on Syria.