GreenbuildEXPO and the Green Deal

On the 8th and 9th May 2013, Manchester Central hosted the GreenbuildEXPO, which was sponsored by Manchester City Council, which I attended on the 8th.  On initially walking around the various stands, the one thing that struck me was, that it was all geared up for the Green Deal.  I did overhear someone saying that Green Deal advisor’s must tell people that they receive a payment of £150, I wonder how many do?

The opening speech was by Ashley Crumbley, CEO of Wigan and Leigh Housing Company and on the board of Greater Manchester’s Low Carbon Economy Board.  He stated how great it was that the Government is going down the road of supporting Biomass (Why? Biomass is neither green or sustainable: Biomass myths).  Then he talked about Greater Manchester’s Carbon Hub of which he was a member and of the leadership of Sir Richard Leese (What leadership, he is taking part in a government initiative and it was Nottingham that led the way on Climate Change over a decade ago.  That is playing at ‘follow the leader’ not leadership).  He then went on to talk about Kevin Anderson, who keeps scaring us (as if what Kevin was saying was some sort of joke).  He mentioned that 2 degree C, is the limit between dangerous and very dangerous climate change!  And that Manchester is working to accelerate into reducing carbon emissions (where?).  He then went onto state the business case is still not clear.  Executives do not think there is clear guidance and also the finances are not there and of the cost of borrowing.  (What happened to Leese’s leadership?  If you save energy, you save money, simple and cost of borrowing when it is the lowest it has ever been, except those on the Green Deal, who is he kidding).  He than mentioned Greater Manchester is the second largest growing hub outside of London.  He lastly mentioned a Japanese organisation (what happened to Leese’s leadership, that a foreign organisation has to be brought in, to lead?  What about all the innovation that is supposed to be happening in Corridor Manchester and Manchester Science Park?) NEDO, who are setting up a eco-community trial, maybe in 2014?

I have thought for some time this ‘Green Deal’ only benefits large companies, especially the big 6. People are struggling to pay their energy bills and many in Manchester suffer from fuel poverty. Going to the GreenBuild Expo in Manchester only reinforced this impression. Then I read a letter in the Architects’ Journal’s Annual Green issue (28.02.13): Green Deal: costly…

‘Regarding your article about the Green Deal (AJ 31.01.13), I’ve felt like a little boy who told the Emperor he was in his underpants. I have worked as an architect on all types and sizes of projects, both public and private sector, I have recently attended many Green Deal-related workshops and seminars. I also sit on the Small Practice Committee at RIBA, where the Green Deal has been discussed at length. Here are my thoughts on the topic: The Green Deal seems to be a very expensive way to fund improvements, with the only beneficiaries being the City (via high-interest loans), the government (collecting VAT and meeting carbon reduction targets), assessors, suppliers and installers (making normal profit margins) and private energy firms, which will be almost encouraged by the government to increase rates to make the ‘Golden Rule’ work. The Green Deal appears to be aimed at people who do not have the money to pay for improvements up-front (which would be cheaper), but the government assumes these same people will have enough money to pay vastly higher energy bills. Property values could be adversely affected by Green Deal alterations and outstanding debt that will be attached to the property.  I would not want to buy a house with a charge on it, so assume no one else would, either.  My guess much of the equipment being promote now could be obsolete in less than 5 years – long before it is paid for.  I have not heard mention of Building Regs Approval of Green Deal improvements.  I have recently…’ Marianne Davys, Marianne Davys Architects.

I can only agree with Marianne’s comments but go further and say the emperor is absolutely stark naked and possibly stark raving mad.

Davey vows to fight Tory tea party tendency for a “fairer, greener Britain” – 24 Sep 2012 – News from BusinessGreen

Full of promises, but will they be able to integrate the country into a ‘green economy’.  They continually talk about growth, when that is the last thing the planet needs but a transfer to a Green economy.  There is no mention about taxing aviation, for the pollution it causes.  And it is not the South East were we do not want airport expansion, it is country wide.

Even the CBI is calling for a rejection of massive investment in large-scale gas plant to solve the countries energy crisis.  Unfortunately, they do still say they is a need for nuclear, which is prohibitively expensive and not carbon neutral.

Davey vows to fight Tory tea party.


Massachusetts’ Clean Economy Sees Massive Growth, Now Hosts 71,000 Jobs In Cleantech

This article shows what can be achieved with a strong political leadership.  While in the UK, we have a Government that keeps changing FITs (feed-in tariffs) for renewable technologies and is promoting large utilities companies with their Green Deal.  The UK will not be able to survive what is ultimately going to come, in not that a distance future.  Manchester City Council is the same, they keep claiming to be ‘Green’, whilst actually doing anything different than before.  They constantly says they cannot do anything without others doing something as well.  I think this article promotes the vision, that it can be done where there is the will.

pby Andrew, via CleanTechnica Government investment and support for clean, renewable energy development is paying off handsomely in Massachusetts, where the clean energy economy grew 11.2% between July 2011 and July 2012. The state’s fast-growing clean energy sector now employs 71,523 people at 4,995 clean energy businesses across the state, according to a Massachusetts Clean […]/p

via Massachusetts’ Clean Economy Sees Massive Growth, Now Hosts 71,000 Jobs In Cleantech.
We have seen the Scottish Government investing in wave and tidal technologies.  The UK has some of the best wave and tidal resources available in the world and has not been exploited by the UK Government.

Mull of Kintyre set to host CoRMaT tidal current turbine

As well as investing in wind, another asset, the UK has in abundance:

Reboot for a new economy | the new economics foundation

Another article from the New Economics Forum on what the Government should do to reboot the economy, instead of their present policies which are failing so miserably.

Reboot for a new economy | the new economics foundation.

Builders, installers, and energy giants among first Green Deal providers – 04 Apr 2012 – News from BusinessGreen

We now have it confirmed, big multi-national companies are to benefit from the ‘Green Deal’.  I thought the ‘Green Deal’, was supposed to be about enabling local communities to improve their energy efficiency and possibly install renewable energy projects?  Which would provide employment for local communities and provide work for local businesses.  Once again, we have a Government which does not understand the phrases, ‘local community’ or ‘local business’.

Builders, installers, and energy giants among first Green Deal providers – 04 Apr 2012 – News from BusinessGreen.