No Patents on Seeds

Hi,A handful of corporations own our food. They decide what farmers can grow and how much we have to pay for it.

Giant companies like @Bayer-Monsanto and @Carlsberg can do this because they patent our seeds: from melons and tomatoes to barley used to make beer.

We campaigned for five years to get the office which decides on patents (European Patent Office – EPO), to ban patents on plants and animals. And we won! But companies are cancelling our win by taking advantage of where the rules are not 100 percent clear.

All it would take to block these companies is for ministers to make patent rules watertight. The very rules they put in place thanks to public pressure from people like us.

And we know we can do this because this time around, our community is even stronger. We also have 50 organisations including local breweries from across Europe joining the fight.

Together let’s call our ministers to schedule an official conference and take bold decisions that will stop companies from manipulating the rules.

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