Ask @PMOIndia: Can Violent Cops Stop #Violence on #Women? #DelhiRapeProtests


Ask the Indian Prime Minister: Does he know why the crowds protesting the gang-rape of a 5 year old child in Delhi are so angry with his government? 

Please join us in our demand the PM immediately fire the Delhi Police Chief, Neeraj Kumar, by signing our petition below.

women beating_vivid times_zThe rape of child is heinous! The fact that the government’s own data shows that one in every two children in India is sexually abused in some way is even more angering.

But ask what the public in India now is starting to ask more and more loudly: Can a corrupt and violent police force control or stop rape and other forms of violence against girls and women — violence that has now reached

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9 ways that sound affects our health, wellbeing and productivity

Noise is something that is not really taken into account by the authorities. A perfect example here in Manchester is Old Mill Street, Ancoats. Urban Splash (Tom Bloxham) was allowed to lay the road with bricks, which makes the road unsuitable for motorised traffic. It is an extremely noisy road surface which must have a detrimental impact on the local residents. There is also the councils policy of felling mature trees for no reason, they help absorb noise, It is time the authorities took more notice of the potential noise pollution of any development.

Top 4 Coalition Lies: Busted

It was due to the deregulation of the banks, weakening of Labour rights (such as Labour opting out of the ‘working time’ Directive), rampant consumerism fuelled by private debt, causing housing bubbles. As Max Kaiser points out, it is private debt, which Labour and Conservatives encouraged, which is responsible for this mess.

Scriptonite Daily


“The Deficit was caused by Labour’s runaway public spending and failure to deal with a ‘something for nothing’ culture”

In the last year before the Financial Crisis, public spending stood at 41% of GDP and national debt was just 44.1% of GDP.

According to the National Audit Office, the Bank Bailout increased the National Debt by £1.5trn.  The National Debt now stands at 73.5% of GDP and is expected to reach 101% by 2015.

Throughout this time, public spending has stayed roughly the same, rising to 44% of GDP under the Coalition government.

The deficit and the increase in national debt are the results of the Bank Bailout and Austerity (which has choked off economic growth).

“Our benefit reforms reward hardworking people”


The government has been caught making wildly inaccurate claims about the efficacy of its benefit reforms to contribute to a myth that benefits are soaring because of…

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Re-Imaging the Commons as ‘The Green Economy’ – New Paper

Once again, it appears the UN has bowed to the markets instead of common-sense. By putting a financial value on nature, just allows it to become another commodity to be speculated on. This is not what a ‘Green Economy’, is about and is not the solution but will only exasperate a worsening situation.


The paper Re-Imaging the Commons as ‘The Green Economy’ was presented at the International Environmental Communication Association’s 2013 conference Environmental Communication: Participation Revisited: openings and closures for deliberations on the commons in June. This paper can be downloaded on and on the EcoLabs website.


ABSTRACT: The United Nations’ green economy programme radically re-imagines the commons as a space where ecosystems services will be quantified, marketised and traded. This paper will examine issues with this version of the green economy for environmental communicators. It will review the etymology of the concept, examine contested ideas on what a green economy would entail and situate these proposals in relation to different economic approaches to the environment. It will suggest strategies for communicating the contested nature of the proposals and exposing obfuscations. This paper will argue that in stark opposition to green economics with its focus on participation and democratic processes, the UN’s…

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Gas from Norway, coal from Russia: eight graphs on the UK energy system

The sad state of affairs concerning the UK’s energy strategy, under investment in renewables for decades and an over dependence on gas and oil.

Inside track

Gas tank and silosThis post by Robin Webster was first published on The Carbon Brief

The UK’s dependence on energy imports has increased to its highest level since 1976, according to statistics released by the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC). Here’s the story of the UK’s dependence on imported fuels in eight graphs.

DECC released the data at the end of March, about a month after the chief executive of energy regulator Ofgem warned that the country’s dependence on imported fuels could drive up consumer energy bills.

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Stafford nurses speak out

Just like those on benefits or the less able, NHS staff are being vilified by the Government and their subservient media.


I had the privilege yesterday of meeting some of the nurses from Stafford hospital. I’ve written various articles about what has gone on at and around Stafford hospital, from the massive media and political misrepresentation of the mortality statistics to the Tories’ cynical use of Stafford as a tool to hammer the wider NHS in spite of ludicrously-flawed data, to Jeremy Hunt’s remarkable omission in his statement on the lessons of the Francis report and the near-flawless assessment of the hospital’s performance in two recent inspections by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), and far more besides.

I’ve also written a couple of pieces titled ‘A day in the Life of an NHS nurse’ and one on the crucial importance of context for a proper understanding of any story or situation – context ignored by the media.

If you were to believe what you read or hear in much of…

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‘Fighting dirty’? The Leeds children’s heart unit closure

Our lazy and incompetent media doing the work of a nasty and vicious government. Looking at the graphs, most of the hospitals are based in the South of the country. With the closure of Leeds or Newcastle, would leave the North of the country one unit for patients and parents to go to.



This week, in the course of writing an article for the Campaign Group Open Democracy, I’ve had the opportunity to speak to paediatric surgeons at Leeds General Infirmary (LGI), the object of much attention after its children’s cardiac surgery unit was closed late last week.

I’ve also looked into the facts behind the claim that the unit was closed because its mortality rate was ‘double the national average’ – or to be more precise, to look into them as far as is possible given that the claims were supposedly based on statistics that are neither published nor even finished.

The fact that the unit now looks set to be reopened doesn’t remove the concerns about the original decisions were reached. Nor does it undo the damage that has been done by the decision and  what has been said and published around it. As the BBC News site observed yesterday, “

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BBC defends false claims linking Rachel Corrie to killings of Israeli soldiers

The BBC has become so morally corrupt, it is no longer a news channel favoured by those seeking impartial news.  It is time it had its license to broadcast refused.

Hypocrisy, hypocrisy, ever where I look nothing but hypocrisy and not a drop of truth to quench my thirst for truth.  In acknowledgement to Coleridge. 

BBC defends false claims linking Rachel Corrie to killings of Israeli soldiers.