The demise of the mutual sector? We don’t think so.

The Co-operative Group started to loose it’s way in the 80s, when it decided it would pursue ‘Growth’.  It shut down their large stores, which were very popular with those who were on low-incomes.  The Co-op divi, was a form a savings for those on low incomes, this was also stopped.  Even their attitude towards organic foods leaves a lot to be desired.  Being one of the UK’s largest farmers, they insist on large fossil-fuel, intensive industrial farming methods and promote GMOs.  This in itself, shows they are not thinking in a sustainable way, but thinking as any corporation, that pursues profit at any costs.  Thankfully, as the article below suggests, there are plenty of small co-operatives around to fill the vacuum left by the larger Co-operative Group.

The demise of the mutual sector? We don’t think so..