The secret ingredient to slow food: Slow cash

The biggest problem is, the carbon instensive, industrial farmers, are subsidised by the tax-payer. Whilst, low carbon, organic and sustainable farming is penalised. It is time Governments realised, their short-term political objectives, are the main cause of climate change and therefore, they must urgently change their mindset. This includes the UK’s Green Party, which still supports a failed economic belief.

#BartonMoss #fracking protestors’ response to Greater #Manchester Police statement

Our police are no longer carrying out their defined duties, that of allowing members to carry out their lawful pursuits without fear or apprehension. But the Queen and Her Constanbulary have pursued an aggressive agenda against peaceful protesters, which only amplifies the fact, we do not actually live in a democracy and never have.

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Frances Leader of “Balcombe and Beyond” anti-fracking group was asked respond to a press release made by the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police and published in the Manchester Confidential on Friday. (

This was her submission made today 9th February 2014:

Thank you for inviting me to comment on this press release from the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police.

We, the Protectors of Barton Moss, did not invite Igas or any other Oil or Gas Corporation to drill holes all over Great Britain in their greedy & relentless dash for cash. Neither did we invite, nor need any facilitation of our protest from Greater Manchester Police. The massive over-policing of our efforts to protect Barton Moss from this invasion may well be very expensive but we, the Protectors, require no supervision. We are peaceful, intelligent & respectful people who, having tried all avenues of reasonable objection…

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Tories slash #climate adaptation spending. “Vote blue go extinct…”

The Conservatives also asked the Sustainable Development Commission (SDC);, at which Tim Jackson and colleagues produced a report, ‘Prosperity without Growth’. No political party in the UK, took this report seriously, and all constantly pursue economic growth. Which is of course, the cause of inequality and climate change. Truthout have just posted an article on ‘Beyond Growth or Beyond Capitalism?’, which is repeating the SDC’s findings; Will any political party embrace these policies and engage the voters with them? The UK Green Party were told at it’s 2010 Spring Conference, to be bold and to push forward on this agenda. They failed to do so, and the capitalist and growth at any cost agenda, prevails.

manchester climate monthly


Damian Carrington, writing in the Guardian.

What’s interesting is that the next sentence goes –

It had risen by almost 20% under Paterson’s predecessor, Caroline Spelman, but fell 41% after Paterson replaced her in September 2012.

So, there are Tories who want to conserve (the clue is no longer in the name) a habitable planet. But Dave, presumably in an effort to keep his make-Attila-the-Hun-look-like-Mahatma-Gandhi friends to the right happy, is willing to throw them overboard.

When they are older, and they understand what he has done, his children will – along with everyone else’s – curse the day he was born.
But of course, it’s easy to denounce the pantomime villain (oh yes it is). The bigger question is – where are the social movements? Where are the people who are learning and teaching how to channel the anger, disbelief and despair felt by so many into effective…

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