The mystery of the invincible oil subsidies.

Here is a news article from the US, about the subsidies that oil and gas companies receive.  The UK Government also provides subsidies to oil and gas companies.  An example of this, is the reduction in corporation tax for the North Sea oil and gas operators.  As the video infers, this is because of the level of political donations received by the politicians.  Except in the UK, it is Party political donations that are the problem along with lobbyists.  And a great number of the British public are not aware of these subsidies, and blame their high energy bills on subsidies for renewable technology.  Renewable technology receives a fraction of the subsidies the oil and gas companies receive.  And nowhere near the £50 billion the nuclear industry has received so far.  And it will cost more than £50 billion for the clean-up of the decommissioned nuclear plants.

The Mystery of the Invincible Oil Subsidies.

The USA’s nomination for leader of the World Bank, is anti-growth.

From an article from the 

Dr Kim caught up in anti-growth row

If you want to head up the IMF or the World Bank, there is one belief that you surely must hold, and that is that growth is a good thing.

The US thought it was being clever when it nominated Jim Yong Kim – a South Korean born medical expert, who once headed the Wealth Health Organisation – to be the news boss at the World Bank. By opting for someone with such obvious eastern links, the US hoped it could head off criticism that the top man at the World Bank is always American.

But a book, Dying for Growth, published in 2000 edited by Dr Kim states: “The studies in this book present evidence that the quest for growth in GDP and corporate profits has in fact worsened the lives of millions of women and men.” 

Lets hope, he is selected as the boss of the World Bank, for the sake of the Planet. 

MMU’s destruction on Bonsall Street

Six trees in total were felled on Birley Fields along Bonsall Street opposite the Post Office.  This area was Phase 2 of the planning application and only had provisional planning application and was not supposed to commence until the completion of Phase 1.  So why have these trees been felled?  What is Manchester City Council going to do about it?