Europe is following Obama – washing its hands of Palestine and why

The USA keeps using North Korea as the bogey man, but the really dangerous bogey man is Israel. The International Community opened Pandora’s Box and now they have put the whole World in danger of a nuclear Armageddon.

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By Alan Hart           ©             (Source / 21.02.2016)


My headline is a response to recent comments made by German Chancellor Angela Merkel at a joint press conference in Berlin with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the decision of the Cameron government in the UK to make boycotting goods from “Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank” by publicly-funded bodies including local councils and universities a criminal offence.

Much to the delight of Netanyahu who has rejected a French initiative to convene a regional conference to try to get a peace process going, Merkel said,

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Reforming harmful fossil fuel subsidies

We constantly hear from our politicians, mass media and climate change denialists, that renewables are heavily subsidised.  When the truth is exactly the opposite, with fossil fuels and nuclear being heavily subsidised at the expense of the tax-payer and energy customer.

Source: Reforming harmful fossil fuel subsidies

Beyond Pro-Nuclear Propaganda: Pandora’s False Promises

A summary of a report debunking the myth of Nuclears environmental claims.  Nuclear has a large carbon-footprint that proponents of nuclear never talk about.  It also would mean this country would be dependant on imported ore that is becoming scarce, 1-1.5% per tonne of material mined.  The UK has spent over £50 billion on building and running nuclear plants and it will cost an additional £50 billion to de-commission redundant plant.  This dwarfs the amount of money spent of renewables and the amount of money the fossil fuel companies avoid through tax-breaks, given them by the UK Government.

TwoPageSummary_of_ Report_May2013 – TwoPageSummary_of_ Report_May2013.pdf.