Climate change to be considered at Ineos legal challenge to Scottish fracking ban

How can these companies claim that their human rights, are affected. When the continued use of fossil fuels, is increasing the chances of the extinction of the human race!


Scottish Parliament 170531 Friends of the Earth Scotland Photo: Friends of the Earth Scotland

The court considering a challenge to the Scottish Government’s ban on fracking has been told the policy is required to meet climate change commitments.

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A Zionist helpfully explains why I am “the wrong kind of Jew”

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by Martin Odoni

I have received a comment on the article I put up yesterday. I am unsure whether the person who posted it – an Israeli Jew and presumably a Zionist – was aware of the irony, but in posting it, he demonstrated precisely the point the article was making.

NB: I considered concealing the name of the commenter from this screenshot, but then I thought, “What would be the point? He was happy singing out his name when making the comment in the first place, and he hardly deserves his privacy to be protected anyway.”

zionist malice

(Where Jacobs says “he”, he means Jeremy Corbyn.) The Jews to which Jacobs refers were the group ‘Jewdas’ and the fact that he put speech marks around the word “jews” shows that he cannot tolerate the idea that ‘Jewdas’ are Jewish people at all. They are “the wrong kind of Jew”.

Then, there…

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Has the UK really been held back by the EU on waste and resources?

As some one who worked on a waste incinerator. The UK was keen to promote incineration, as a means to divert waste from landfill. In doing so, it weakened EU directives on emissions control, whilst the Environment Agency, turned a blind eye to environmental infringements by those operating waste incinerators.
Basically, in this country, things are built as cheaply as possible, at times avoiding Best Available Technology, using the minimum of poorly trained staff, whilst blaming the EU for the poor outcomes.

Inside track

colourful recycling binsLast week’s anniversary of the triggering of Article 50 was marked, as you’d expect, by many column inches and much airtime, including a BBC Radio 4 programme that caught our attention here at Green Alliance.

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