Retraction Watch, WordPress parent company file suit to fight false copyright claims, censorship

Retraction Watch

automattcRetraction Watch readers may recall that earlier this year, ten of our posts disappeared for two weeks after someone at an alleged news service in India falsely claimed that we had violated their copyright. The situation was the opposite of those claims; in fact our copyright had been violated, and the posts, all about Anil Potti, were restored.

Ars Technica, which covered the case at the time, explained how this sort of thing happens in an earlier story:

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Leaked IPCC report: Humans are adapting — but hunger, homelessness, and violence lie ahead

Despite all the scientific evidence showing we are responsible for climate change and the growing gap between rich and poor. Our politicians still think they are living on a planet with infinite resources to plunder, keep themselves rich. When the maelstrom hits us, they will find they cannot eat their money. They are just as vulnerable to catastrophic climate change, as the rest of us. It is time they changed course, started reducing consumption, waste and investing in real clean and renewable energy.

World Bank the cause of high energy costs.

Someone after the debate on Electrifying Manchester, mentioned that it is the World Bank which is controlling energy tariffs, especially in the Global South.  They are the people who are pushing big energy projects, which do not really provide the poor with energy.  A couple of sites today, cover some of this issue:

Are Big Banks botching one of the greatest cleantech opportunities of all?

Though this article states the USA will not fund coal power, I do not stop the World Bank from doing so:

End of public money for coal power