On Tuesday (12/02/13) a protester was dragged from a tree by Group 4 staff, causing him to fall against those who had pulled him down. The police then arrested him for assault and detained him.   Also, felling continued within 10 metres of people, another breach of Health and Safety at Work Act. It has also been mentioned that all the timber has been sold to Westfields for £10,000. Some of the large mature hardwood trees would fetch more than that alone. So who is profiting from this destruction to a vital part of the City’s lungs?

Save Alexandra Parks Trees

heron1There will will be a friendly candle-lit vigil around the pond on Sunday 17th 5.00pm – 6.30pm. For anyone who wants to quietly reflect on the trees that have been felled and who want to be surrounded by other understanding folk. This is a chance for like minded members of the community to unite in a peaceful way. Bring your candles, lanterns, and tea lights (small torches will come in handy too).

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