What Lord Lucas is quite true and it echoes how Microsoft become a monopoly of computer software.


The following is from the UK Tax Justice Campaigns group, forwarded to Taxpayers Against Poverty members by Paul Nicholson


5.02 pm

Lord Lucas: My Lords, I am a publisher but take a very bleak view of the future of publishing if Amazon goes unchecked – not that it will harm me, but it will kill most of the rest of the industry. Amazon is an amoral monopsony in its growth phase. It is using extremely low margins to drive market share. It is using aggressive tax avoidance to afford those low margins.

It is not just us that it does not pay tax to; it does not pay tax to anybody. It is being allowed by Governments to do this because it is seen as a nice, friendly company to consumers. Indeed, in the days when I shopped with Amazon, I found it a comfortable place to shop but…

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