Tory Cuts KILL – perhaps it’s because they’re Psychologically disturbed?

I agree with you Jayne, that people should vote and something I have been urging people to do for some time. Not voting only leaves the inmates in charge of the asylum and nothing will be changed. And I urge them to vote anything but Conservative or Labour.  Though here in Manchester, with our 100% Labour council, which willingly imposes the Conservatives policies.  I urge people to vote anything but Labour.  As for a democratically elected Government, in reality, with the First Past the Post electoral system, we have never had a truly democratic Government.

The We Own It campaign are not happy with Labour’s lack of support for public services.  It was a Labour Government which started privatising the National Health Service (NHS), through PFIs (Private Finance Initiatives)

We’re asking the Labour party (along with all the other parties) to do just one thing: commit to a Public Services Users Bill in their election manifesto. (1) This would be a small but important step towards public services for people not profit.


Yesterdays news was full of the latest findings from Institute for Fiscal Studies demonstrating  the ConDems Changes to the Tax and Benefits system has cost households £1,127 a year on average, and even the Mail concedes this means “poor families have lost the most as a percentage of their income“; and yet despite this, the Government still maintained “UK income inequality is now lower than when this Government came into office“.

I doubt anyone will be remotely surprised at the Coalition disputing the data, this is another example of how this unelected Government has persistently and systematically Lied to the people.

There been countless claims on social and even occasionally in main stream media about the number of people dying as a result of Welfare Reform, and those of us involved in any of the campaigns to raise awareness, need no persuading this is an absolute truth. The situation where respected organisations produce…

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Under successive Governments, Labour and Conservative, the NHS has been slowly privatised and had staff numbers reduced. The politicians have failed the NHS and the people of England and Wales.



Jeremy Hunt’s announcement in Parliament last Tuesday on the changes he is planning in the wake of the Francis Report into events at Stafford Hospital was remarkable for two things: the complete absence of the key factor that Robert Francis identified as being at the heart of the poor care at the hospital and as clear a case of “giving away the ‘master’-plan” as you will ever see.

Or not wish to see, since for all Hunt’s timorousness and petulance it will be an absolute disaster for hundreds of thousands of people.

The problem that never was, or ‘out of sight, out of mind?’

Hunt prefaced his announcement of his measures by genuflecting before the altar of the Francis report:

I also pay tribute to Robert Francis QC for his work in producing a seminal report that will, I believe, mark a turning point in the history of the NHS…Our…

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Inquiry behind NHS scandal omitted crucial data – Public Sector IT

The British public have been losing faith in Public Inquiries for some time, this just reinforces people’s mistrust of those in power:

Inquiry behind NHS scandal omitted crucial data – Public Sector IT.

And another blog worth reading about South Stafford NHS and the Francis Inquiry Report:

Media Jarman claim 20k avoidable NHS deaths – Why its nonsense

NHS not save in Labours hand either, especially under Ed Miliband

It has been pointed out to me by skwalker1964 that the Guardian had run two articles about Ed Miliband and the NHS.

In the first article, it has Ed Miliband exhorting Labour councils to use Public Health Boards to fight the worst of the Conservative privatisation of the NHS: Ed Miliband Health election campaign.  

The second article, it states Ed Miliband stating that he would not sanction money on reversing the Conservative privatisation of the NHS.  It does state that a Labour spokesman confirming the party would stick with it’s promise of reversing the NHS bill: Ed Mliband Labour vision.  

If anyone thinks that you can trust Labour or the Conservatives must be deluded.  Labour promised to improve the railways in the public interest but gave Virgin a monopoly to run the West Coast Line.  To Keep the NHS save but they were responsible for the initial stages of privatisation of the NHS through its Private Finance Initiatives.  Labour party manifesto 1997.  

An lets not forget, Blair took us into two illegal wars, the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.  This country urgently needs electoral reform in the form of Proportional Representation like the majority of countries that are democratic countries.  Unlike the UK which is not a democratic country and has never been, except before the Norman invasion.