Total fined for North Sea gas leak

I have just seen an article about an incident, which could have been the North Seas’ Deepwater Horizon, but for favourable winds. The article in the Guardian does mention petroleum condensate causing damage to marine life: Total fined 1m North Sea gas leak. But the official press release from the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) does not mention any environmental impacts of the release: Total ep UK ltd., received record fine following largest ever North Sea gas release. There was another incident reported earlier this year: Shell fined. This is how the incident was reported in the Guardian, which includes other failures by Shell: Shell North Sea oil leak. Another major incident in a mature oil and gas field, by a major oil and gas company. There a numerous incidents that occur in the oil & gas fields, that the public never hear about: HSE offshore statistics. So how can any politician allow oil and gas production in environmentally sensitive areas or even unconventional sources, with a clear concisions?

The Marcellus Shale Documentary Project, Photographing Fracking –

As well as the USA, where residents are fighting the expansion of Shale Gas Methane extraction, known as ‘fracking’: The Marcellus Shale documentary project Photographing fracking. NYTimes com

it is also a problem in Australia with Coal-seam Methane  extraction:








Finding the truth behind Shell’s public relations campaign for Arctic drilling | Climate Connections

I thought I would share this very informative article about Shell.

Finding the truth behind Shell’s public relations campaign for Arctic drilling | Climate Connections.