Simple steps towards local prosperity

Here in Manchester, Manchester City Council has taken a very different approach.  This can be seen clearly in Hulme, with its redevelopment in the 1990s, an ASDA was one of the first retail units built.  The other smaller retail units and the very small market were built later, and as such have struggled to exist.  In fact, the market is now a B&Ms, with a few ex-stallholders still having a presence.  The council repeated their mistakes in Bradford, with the area being renamed New Eastlands and a large ASDA being built near to the stadium.  A large supermarket is to built in Ancoats, now referred to as New Islington, with very few local business still in existence.  The gentrification of Manchester has been a total failure but politicians still enthuse about Manchester’s success!

Simple steps towards local prosperity

Commission Rejects UK Application to Delay Compliance With Nitrogen Dioxide Laws in 12… — LONDON, June 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —

As part of my objection to MMU’s plans for Birley Fields campus.  I raised the matter of air pollution and how the development, especially the stopping up of certain roads, would increase to poor quality in Hulme.  I especially emphasised that it would have a detrimental affect of the pupils of St. Philips Primary School.  I also criticised their traffic, air and noise assessment as not being adequate or of being representative of the actual conditions.

The local councillors, including the councillor for the Environment, the Planning Officer and Planning Committee, ignored such concerns.  If fact, the Planning Committee never conducted a site visit, even though this is a major development.  Hulme already suffers from a high rate of ill-health, mental and physical.

No one in Government, National and Local are taking this situation seriously.  In fact at a recent council meeting, it was stated that the emissions from Manchester Airport, do not fall on Manchester but the North Atlantic?  And the National Government does not want to comply with any EU regulations, because they say they are bad for big business?

Commission Rejects UK Application to Delay Compliance With Nitrogen Dioxide Laws in 12… — LONDON, June 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —.

Interview: Mary Heaney of MMU

My thoughts on Manchester Climate Monthly’s recent article on Manchester Metropolitan University.

manchester climate monthly

MCFly co-editor Arwa Aburawa interviews Mary Heaney, Director of Services at Manchester Metropolitan University, whose responsibilities include the environmental sustainability agenda

Besides saving money, what are the reasons MMU is taking green action?

Money isn’t actually the top priority for us in terms of sustainability – it’s our corporate social responsibility. We are an organisation that devotes it self to the next generation and we think it’s absolutely incumbent upon us to be responsible in the way we operate and look at the way that we function from everything from the amount of chemicals the cleaners use to me pulling down the blinds when I leave that this room is bearable the next day to the way we operate our labs. It’s about being part of the solution, I guess.

Another top motivator that MMU talk about is that preparing students for new realities and embedding green thinking makes them…

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