Conference diary: do the Lib Dems have any big green ideas left?

I do think they have lost the environment and being considered green. In the original Stern Report, nuclear was ruled out because of the time frame to construct new nuclear, let alone consider all the issues around nuclear. We needed to reduce our emissions drastically and invest in real renewables, but instead we continue to pursue a fossil-fuel based energy policies. The Liberal-Democrats have sold their souls to the devil, to remain in power.

Inside track

Lib Dem conferenceGreen Alliance’s very own roving diarist of the party conference season, Alastair Harper, is back again this year with his first posting from the Liberal Democrats’ conference in Glasgow. It first appeared on BusinessGreen.

This is the year the parties position themselves for the electorate. What do they want people to vote for? The Liberal Democrats should have arrived in a drenched Glasgow ready to say it is for a strong environment. While the other parties spent their beach holidays reading books by or about their parliamentary colleagues, they were reading about the environment, with a survey showing they favoured the excellent Burning Question and Tony Juniper’s What has nature ever done for us?

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