“Dark Snow falls in Copenhagen”; #food #climate and the #Arctic

That is why people should be buying and/or growing organic food, which is not heavily dependent on fossil fuels. Also the area affected most by climate change, is North America, where Inuit communities have lost their homes due to the melting permafrost.

manchester climate monthly

Manchester chef Jules Bagnoli reports from an inspiring gathering of foodies in Denmark.

IMG_3438When Nobel award winning Professor Jason Box bounced onto MAD3‘s woodland stage, freshly mown by the teeth of the previous speaker, forager Roland Rittman, the mainly chef crowd confidently had no idea what to expect next. Eyes narrowed at slide after slide of stark scarred ice images, melt rate graphs and magnified water molecules charted up to a 21 metre sea level rise in coming centuries – and the effect on a food industry in turn up to 40% responsible for climate change was not lost.

For those who hadn’t yet found their dark foam cushions and were already shifting on the circus plank seats, comfort shrank further at the sight of 80 square kilometres of the Jakobshavn glacier crumbling on screen. Where the world’s fastest glacier is going – seaward, and at 180 foot…

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