9 ways that sound affects our health, wellbeing and productivity

Noise is something that is not really taken into account by the authorities. A perfect example here in Manchester is Old Mill Street, Ancoats. Urban Splash (Tom Bloxham) was allowed to lay the road with bricks, which makes the road unsuitable for motorised traffic. It is an extremely noisy road surface which must have a detrimental impact on the local residents. There is also the councils policy of felling mature trees for no reason, they help absorb noise, It is time the authorities took more notice of the potential noise pollution of any development.

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Julian Treasure cares very deeply for your ears. That’s why he’s given TED talks like “The 4 ways sound affects us” and “Why architects need to use their ears.” Treasure is on a mission to make policymakers, engineers, architects and, well, [ted_talkteaser id=965]everyone think more about what they hear around them — because the way things sound have a tangible, measurable effect on how we feel, how we heal, how we work and how we live.

To this end, Treasure’s The Sound Agency has teamed up with Biamp Systems to create a whitepaper called “Building in Sound,” a look at the data linking sound and well-being.

“This paper is based on exhaustive review of academic papers, and reports from national governments and multinational bodies, going back some 40 years,” it begins. “The research examines the causes and impacts of sound on our health, recovery from illness…

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