Stafford nurses speak out

Just like those on benefits or the less able, NHS staff are being vilified by the Government and their subservient media.


I had the privilege yesterday of meeting some of the nurses from Stafford hospital. I’ve written various articles about what has gone on at and around Stafford hospital, from the massive media and political misrepresentation of the mortality statistics to the Tories’ cynical use of Stafford as a tool to hammer the wider NHS in spite of ludicrously-flawed data, to Jeremy Hunt’s remarkable omission in his statement on the lessons of the Francis report and the near-flawless assessment of the hospital’s performance in two recent inspections by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), and far more besides.

I’ve also written a couple of pieces titled ‘A day in the Life of an NHS nurse’ and one on the crucial importance of context for a proper understanding of any story or situation – context ignored by the media.

If you were to believe what you read or hear in much of…

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