George Osborne is not a ‘fit person’ to be in charge of an empty shopping trolley in an empty car-park!


The papers are awash today with leaked ‘rumours’ that George Osborne is planning to ‘give’ shares in state-owned banking group RBS worth up to £400 to every voter shortly before the next general election.

It’s obvious to anyone with a couple of brain-cells to rub together that this is the most crass, blatant attempt imaginable to buy popularity by bribing the electorate. What might be slightly less obvious to some is that – if it goes ahead – the government will be using our own money to attempt to buy our votes, to enrich private investors massively in the process, all while dodging a political ‘bullet’.

Killing 3 birds with one stone, you might say. A big, fat stone with ‘Typical Tory Scam‘ written all over it in big, bold letters. Except, as usual with this lot, it’s not so much a stone as a lump…

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