RSA Animate – The Power of Outrospection

This video: The Power of Outrospection, may help the environmental movement and the Green Party become more successful in getting their message out there.  It is no good stating you stand for Equality and Fairness, if you do not actively listen.  A paragraph in the Oxford Illustrated History of Britain, p.521, I was looking through recently, reminded of my experience of the Manchester Green Party:

Working people did not feel themselves to be alienated from the propertied classes but they did feel themselves different.  The Liberals reinforced this by their failure to adopt working men as candidates: however broad the agreement on policy matters the middle-class members of the Liberal Associations – the people who called the tune in the constituencies – would not adopt as candidates men whom they would expect to enter their houses by the servants door.

I get the same impression from the environmental movement, who seem to believe their are intellectually superior to the ordinary working person, so they know best.  Even though, it is they who are consuming far more than the average working person.

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