Having had experience whilst serving on HMS Ark Royal, on how Channel 4 manipulate information to give a distorted view of events. And they have been caught out by others, distorting the truth. Channel 4 should not be granted a broadcasting license. Most of us, no longer trust the police and especially the Met, which has been a ferule police force sometime. But, this case highlights how Cameron and his cronies will try and protect one of their own. The are trying to blacken the reputation of the Special Protection force, their own bodyguards. How ludicrous is that, like an emperor turning on the Praetorian Guards, whom murdered Emperor Pertimax.


Out of a desire to be sure, to my own satisfaction, about the provenance and accuracy of the ‘Plebgate’ footage that Andrew Mitchell claims ‘exonerates’ him, and which Channel 4’s ‘Dispatches‘ programme claims casts serious doubt on the police logbook’s account of the incident, I have come to two conclusions. Firm ones.

Firstly, the exterior footage shown by Dispatches is genuine footage. Secondly, the footage – while genuine – is edited and cut in such a way as to give a false impression of:

– the point at which Mr Mitchell started his ‘altercation’ with the police officers
– the amount of time he had to utter the now-infamous phrases, ‘f***ing plebs’, ‘you don’t run this f***ing country’ and ‘you should know your f***ing place’
the number of people outside the gates as the altercation took place

I’ve watched the footage as shown by two separate…

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