The video Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land

At a time which is considered Holy, Easter or Passover, the suffering of the Palestinians goes unabated.  What hypocrites, those who go to church and synagogues, whilst ignoring what is happening in their name.  Why are the Palestinians dying for the sins of the United States Jewish industrialists and financiers, who supported Hitler  before and at the beginning of the Second World War.   This is something that Sir Winston Churchill, documents in his book, The Second World War, London, Cassell 1959.  That, even though knew of the treatment of Jews in NAZI occupied lands (except Denmark), they wanted to support the Nazis, to destroy the British Trade Empire, once and for all.  This is ultimately why Palestine, which had a 2% Jewish population, should be a new Jewish state.  The Palestinians, who were are allies during the First and Second World Wars, have been made to suffer for the failures of the US and Europe.   To even hint, that it is the Israelis who are in the wrong will ultimately lead to accusations, I am anti-Semitic.   That is how they censor criticism, something they highlight at the end of the video.

Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land

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