The views of SKWalker 1964, on the lack of ‘Duty of Care’ by the DWP

IF SKWalker is right, and the DWP (Department for Works and Pensions), a Social Impact Assessment was never carried out on the affects of changes to disability benefits.  It would appear then, that they have failed in their ‘Duty of Care’ and in my opinion, may have contravene Government legislation; The Equality Act 2010.  

Both the last Labour Government and this Government have done nothing to bring the criminals involved in numerous Banking illegalities to justice.  Stating, all sorts of nonsense, why it was not possible to bring criminal charges.  And instead both the last Labour Government and this Conservative Governments have poured money into a corrupt banking system.   Max Kaiser and Stacy Herbert cover some of these illegal activities carried out by Financial Institutions causing abject poverty on millions of people.

And yet, those who are unfortunate and who which to have a basic standard of living, those of us who are fortunate enough enjoy, Equality.  But both Labour and Conservatives Governments and Local Governments, have done their best to demonize the unfortunate.