Biogas, the Forgotten Free Renewable Energy | ecogreen4us

I have mentioned over the years the benefits of Bio-digesters, the fact they produce methane whilst also providing nitrogen rich fertiliser.  Other countries have embraced this technology, even in the poorest parts of South America.  There, households are providing themselves with cheap energy from their own organic waste.

But in the UK, they prefer to invest in incineration of waste and biomass (mostly from imported wood), which emits CO2, particulates (dust).  Addition waste incineration emits dioxins,  furans and other pollutants.

I have put forward several options for bio-digester plants to Nigel Murphy, Manchester City Councillor for the Environment.  But, I am always rebuffed with why the council will not invest in bio-digesters.  One of the reasons is the Viridor, who took over the waste management services were supposed to incorporate Anaerobic Digester plants at their waste treatment plants for organic waste.  But I have not heard or found any evidence that these plants are operational.

I did alert Nigel Murphy to a project in Glasgow where the residents food waste went into In-Vessel composting units.  Thus avoiding CO2 from transportation of the waste and providing compost for a community garden.  I mentioned that instead of just composting the food waste, use it to produce energy as well.  But the Council does not seem to be interested in investing for the long term future, but only in the short term profits of developers.

Biogas, the Forgotten Free Renewable Energy | ecogreen4us.