Reducing emissions alone won’t stop #climatechange: new research #Auspol

As well as rapid reduction in CO2 emissions, we also need to stop deforestation. We need to protect what is left of our forests and mangrove swamps, and to start restoring them. It is the cheapest option in the long run and though it will not prevent Global Warming. It would help reduce its impact and over time reduce atmospheric CO2. Forests and mangrove swamps help the environment and biodiversity is so many ways. We do not need expensive geo-technical fixes, that might actually worsen the situation. Especially, if you are using valuable finite resurces.


Based on currentgreenhouse gas emissions, the world is on track for 4C warming by 2100 – well beyond the internationally agreed guardrail of 2C. To keep warming below 2C, we need to either reduce our emissions, or take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.
Two papers published today investigate our ability to limit global warming and reverse the impacts of climate change. The first, published in Nature Communications, shows that to limit warming below 2C we will have to remove some carbon from the atmosphere, no matter how strongly we reduce emissions.
The second, in Nature Climate Change, shows that even if we can remove enough CO2 to keep warming below 2C, it would not restore the oceans to the state they were in before we began altering the atmosphere.
How we’re tracking
Currently, we’re at 400 parts per million – rising from 280 ppm before the industrial revolution.

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