Why housing campaigns are flogging a dead house

You are correct Joe, with even Shelter pushing the need for more affordable homes! In 100% controlled Labour, the council has continued its demolition of perfectly ‘fit-for-purpose’ council homes. To make way for ‘homes-to-buy’, which are built to the lowest energy efficiency. So that property developers, like Tom Bloxham of Urban Splash can accumulate more wealth, at the tax payers expense. Despite the fact, there is over 5,000 empty dwellings in Manchester. And as you state, the social housing sector has done nothing, to highlight the nonsense actions by the council.
Richard Leese, the council leader thinks building more ‘home-to-buy, will bring more young professionals into Manchester. Manchester is already, one of the most deprived areas in the UK. It has the lowest life expectancy for males and third for females. 60% of people who work in Manchester, come from outside Manchester. Therefore, we have high unemployment, in some areas it is 55%, who are ‘economically inactive’. Homelessness, is increasing because of social cleansing, but even the young professionals are finding it difficult to make ends meet.
The big problem in Manchester, is that the electorate are not voting. Lucy Powell elected as MP, with only a 28% turn-out. A recent council election, the turn-out was 11% and this is an area, which has undergone “Regeneration”.

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