Prof Kevin Anderson (Tyndall #Manchester) writes open letter to EU boss about #climate policy

We in the Global North are not doing enough to reduce our carbon emissions, instead pressurising the Global South, to make the cuts?

manchester climate monthly

Professor Kevin Anderson has written an open letter to the President of the European Commission about the EU’s  climate policy.  In the letter, Professor Anderson expresses his “serious concerns that the process for determining the EU’s 2030 decarbonisation target is being conducted in a vacuum of scientific evidence.”  He also puts the view that the proposed target “fails to quantify honestly the EU’s high-level statements and international obligations on climate change.”

The letter (click on the images!) hopes to influence the forthcoming European White Paper on climate policy, and states that the already-published Green Paper contains both an “abuse of probabilities” about the (fast disappearing) ‘two degrees’ target and an unfair division of labour between developing and developed countries on carbon dioxide emissions.

It is a typically robust, clear and scientifically-grounded letter, as anyone who has encountered Professor Anderson will expect.  Sadly, it will probably have little effect.  Scientists can…

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