Shale Gas can frack off – Community Renewable Schemes are the way to go. Germany proves that this is a viable alternative that provides true energy democracy.

Not perfect but at least they are doing better than us in the UK. They also build their homes to a higher standard, include rainwater harvesting and grey-water recycling, which all goes towards reducing greenhouse emissions.

Bridgend's Green Leftie

MYTH 1 – “Renewables cannot heat our homes – we therefore need gas.”

Many people believe that renewables can only contribute to any significant extent towards electricity our energy needs. The Germans prove otherwise. In 2012 Germany got 11% of its heating needs from renewables and this is rising rapidly:

MYTH 2 – “Our energy needs can only be met with big infrastructure projects – which is why we are beholden to the big energy companies to provide this for us.”

Much of the heat energy above, was produced by the rapidly growing energy co-operative sector:

The good news, although this is absolutely nothing to do with our fossil fuel obsessed/deranged Government, is that there is support for similar schemes in this country – from places like the Co-operative. Their COMMUNITY ENERGY vision recognises:
“In the UK, people are currently passive consumers when it comes to energy, at the mercy…

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