Govt Appoint Rothschilds to Dump Toxic RBS Debts into a Tax-Payer Owned ‘Bad Bank’

RBS, Northern Rock and HBOS should all been allowed to fail, this is what is supposed to happen in a free-market. This then allows new businesses to set-up in the vacuum, which more than likely, would have been better than the old

Scriptonite Daily


In June this year, Osborne announced he was launching a ‘Bad Bank’ review for the partly state owned Royal Bank of Scotland.  Like Northern Rock before it, the Chancellor intends to sell off the valuable assets of the Bank to the private sector, while the toxic assets are retained by the public sector. And he’s paying the Rothschilds to draw up the plans. Yes, it is exactly as bad a deal as it sounds.

The RBS Story


In a nutshell: relatively small, parochial safe bank in Scotland decides to become a bigger player by taking more risk – and it all goes badly wrong.

Dating back to the 18th Century, the bank started with £111,347 and focussed on printing bank notes.  Over time it developed a personal and corporate banking business, and grew south of the border through the 19th century.  During the 20th century post…

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