Destruction and Disconnected Policies: The real state of #biodiversity in Greater #Manchester and the UK

The continued destruction of green space and mature trees in Manchester, by Manchester City Council is more than the act of the criminally insane.

manchester climate monthly

Dave Bishop, a regular writer for Manchester Climate Monthly, explores the damage being done to Manchester’s biodiversity – and what we can do about it. Dave will be launching his report on the state of Manchester’s biodiversity on Tuesday 16th July, at 12.45pm at the Friends Meeting House, as part of our “Beyond the Carbon Budget” event.  Book your ticket here

beyondthecarbonbudget-page001The Convention on Biological Diversity was established in 1992. Following a first meeting in Rio de Janeiro in 1994, the UK produced its first national biodiversity action plan. In 2002 world leaders agreed in Johannesburg on the urgent need to reduce the rate of loss of biodiversity by 2010, and in 2007 they recognised the need to take action to mitigate the impacts of climate change following the 2005 Millennium Ecosystem Assessment.

Globally, the 2010 target was missed, but it prompted at least some conservation action, including here…

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