Quiet Climate Milestones – EcoWatch: Cutting Edge Environmental News Service

“When it comes to climate change, we’re avoiding tough decisions instead of stepping up to the challenge, pure and simple.”  She could of been writing about the UK Green Party, whose pursuit of populist politics and not coming out strongly for a total change of economic and environmental policies.  At the start of the financial crisis, Caroline Lucas and the Green Party were urged by Tim Jackson, to take a strong stance on the economy and the environment.  But instead they have pursued a policy of just ‘more of the same’, showing a complete lack of leadership.  When members proposed a complete ban on ‘fracking’, Caroline Lucas urged the motion be changed to a moratorium, instead.  What happened to protecting the environment for future generations?

Quiet Climate Milestones – EcoWatch: Cutting Edge Environmental News Service.

And here in Manchester, we still have a lack of leadership from Manchester City Council even after two presentations from Kevin Anderson and Manchester environmental groups with their Steady State Manchester.  Under the leadership of Richard Leese and unelected Howard Bernstein, the council has continued to pursue a ‘business as usual’ policy.  A policy of of  ‘keep making the same mistakes and hope this time, it will turn out different’!  Unfortunately, I have found local Green Party members with a similar mind-set.

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