Rise in Foodbank Clients: Unpicking the Data

The problem I have is Kellogs donating their nutritionally useless and unhealthy breakfasts.

The food bankers

Following the Trussell Trust’s announcement last week that there has been a 170% rise in the number of people using foodbanks between 2012-13, thefoodbankers look at the data surrounding foodbanks and food poverty in the UK.

Number of Foodbank users

In 2005-6, 2,814 people visited foodbanks across the UK.

In seven years, this figure has risen to a staggering 350,000 people who have been forced to use a foodbank for vital food supplies.

Of course, it is important to note that since the Trussell Trust  began, the number of foodbanks across the UK has steadily risen year upon year. The Trussell Trust currently has launched 345 foodbanks.

The charity estimates that three new foodbanks are currently opening every week, and that there would need to be 750-1,000 foodbanks to provide for people in crisis across the UK.

According to research published by Kelloggs, 4.7 million Brits could…

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