BBC – Press Office – The Century of the Self

One of the problems those fighting for action on climate change, consumerism and for a more democratic politics, is getting the general public to take notice.  This press release from the BBC, about ‘The Century of Self’, a TV series which explores Freud, the PR and advertising industries.  Describing how corporations and politicians have developed these tools to manipulate the public at large.

BBC – Press Office – The Century of the Self.

And of course, the political elite like to frighten people with the perceived threat from Muslim extremists, as an excuse for removing basic freedoms from the public.  The blog below looks into a recent press release from Europol, which seems to suggest there has been an increase in religious inspired terrorism in Europe.  Ylva Nilsson goes on the explain the report indicated, the increase in terrorism has been by separatists and left-wingers and not religiously motivated

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