New academic paper: Stafford HSMRs NO indicator of avoidable deaths


Please share this widely. It’s absolutely crucial for the future of Stafford hospital and of the wider NHS.

An important new academic paper was published this week by the Oxford University PressOxford Journals on the subject of Hospital Standardised Mortality Ratios (HSMRs). This paper, by a team of respected academics from the ‘Primary Care Clinical Sciences’ and ‘Public Health, Epidemiology and Biostatistics’ departments of the University of Birmingham is titled:

The findings of the Mid-Staffordshire Inquiry do not uphold the use of hospital standardized mortality ratios as a screening test for ‘bad’ hospitals

This paper examines the findings of the Francis Report into events at Mid Staffs NHS Foundation Trust – and reaches two findings that are absolutely vital for the proper public understanding. The whole paper can be read here, but the key conclusions – quoted from the report with the permission of its principal author – are as follows:


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