The real value of trees


The i-Tree app has been used by many cities to calculate the monetary value of urban trees.
“The values take into account energy savings from shade, impact on the city’s air and water, and the boost in property values associated with leafy neighbors.”
KTGAC has also been told, by an ecologist, that under the CAVATs valuation scheme, each of the ‘unsuitable’ trees Trafford plan to fell on Greenfield/ Trevor/ Delamer are worth around £50-60,000. Let’s hope the council start to listen to the people who want to keep the trees before they score this huge own-goal.
Thanks to Jayne Dillon for this link. 

2 thoughts on “The real value of trees

  1. Patrick Sudlow, I really appreciate your concern for the environment as seen in many of your articles. No doubt, besides aesthetic, trees have tremendous value. It makes me glad as a concern citizen to the environment to see ICT being use to promote and protect the environment. Such is crucial so as to ensure a sustainable future. The time has come to accept the notion of a “Green Economy” and thereby make it a living reality.


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