The NHS was being run down by the previous Labour Government and with nurses and auxiliary staff wages being kept at a very basic level. Now this Conservative Government, is determined to destroy what is left and leave this country without a universal health care system fit for the 21st Century. Basically, our politicians are winding the clock back a 100 years.


Depending how the rest of the day goes, this may be my last post of 2012. So let me briefly take the opportunity to thank everyone who’s visited my blog this year, and especially those who’ve gone to the trouble of spreading the word on Twitter, Facebook. It’s been a tough year for the UK under its present excuse for a government, and 2013 is likely to be as bad or tougher – but if we stick together, keep fighting and keep raising awareness, the clock is ticking on the robber-barons in government and those who back them.

To all readers of good will, may you be healthy, happy and successful in the New Year and beyond. Now, on with the post.

On 27 Nov 2012, during Commons Health Questions, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt was challenged by Labour MP and former Shadow Health Minister Barbara Keeley about the impact…

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