The continuing saga about the dismantling of our NHS. One think I would disagree with, is his statement about local authorities having to cut-back to protect essential services. This is not the case in ‘Labour’ run Manchester. They have cut funding to essential services and closed some down, to protect funding to their ‘ego’ projects, which are needless. They have spent money on a new Irish Heritage Centre, when there is nothing wrong with the present one. They are spending money on moving the Library Theatre and the Cornerhouse, needlessly, just so Ask Development can make money. The are covering Library Walk against the wishes of Manchester residents, as well as moving the Cenotaph. At a time of austerity, they should be ensuring the budgets of essential services is protected. But the only want to build more white elephant ivory towers, ’emperors clothes’. It is not just the Tories we need to get rid off, but also a Labour party which no longers represents the ordinary people.


What I’m about to write about isn’t a secret. It’s on the parliamentary record, and the occasional web or print news article has touched on it. But, as far as it possibly can, the government keeps it very much under the radar. So it may well be, esteemed visitor to this blog, that you’ve never heard about it.

If you’re a regular (esteemed) visitor, you’ll know that I’ve written frequently about the NHS and I’ve written at length about the government’s attacks, current and future, on it. I don’t work in the NHS, but I do recognise the enormous importance to our society of healthcare ‘free at the point of need’ and the doctors, nurses and other staff who provide it. I also recognise that it’s a prime target for the Tories’ state-stripping ideology.

In the course of my research for various articles over the past couple of weeks, I’ve…

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