A select few Moss Side residents are invited by Manchester City Council to put forward the reasons they are against the council’s decimation of 250 trees in Alexandra Park. As has, been pointed out to the council, they are failing in their duties to protect the natural environment. And it is time, academics stopped making the case in their writings, that Manchester City Council is ‘Green’.

manchester climate monthly

An interesting presentation about the concerns of local residents around the City Council’s basically unannounced plans to chop down a lot of trees in Alexandra Park. (We linked to the initial petition here, and published “another view” as well – the latter is probably our most commented upon post ever).  This Dilbert cartoon may be relevant…


Alexandra Park -­‐ restoration plan concerns — meeting with Manchester City Council.

Today we met with Manchester City Council to express our concerns about the Alexandra Park restoration plan. Present at this meeting (which was invitation only at request of Manchester City Council) was:
Rionne Avis, Nadine Andrews, Jenny Trigg – local residents
Richard Sharland, Manchester City Council
Eamonn O’Rourke, Manchester City Council
Eddie Flanagan, Manchester City Council
Eunice Long, Manchester City Council
Sara Hilton, Head of Heritage Lottery Fund NW
Ten members of our group collaborated to compile a presentation…

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