It is not just the Conservatives who want to dismantle the NHS but Labour as well.


I’ve been mocked by a Blairite ex-Dept of Health policy advisor for my recent post on Kettering General Hospital and the lies Tory health minister Daniel Poulter told to one of his own MPs about plans to downgrade the hospital.

Joseph Farrington-Douglas, who used to be Chief Health Advisor to John Healey (when he was Labour Minister for the NHS)  tweeted this message to his followers on Monday:


Here’s his comment in plain text, in case you have any problems with the image:

Silly HIMBYist Save Our Hospital shenanigans. An MRSA on all their houses.

An MRSA is Mr F-D’s attempt at a humorous variation on ‘a plague’. It stands for ‘multiply resistant staphylococcus aureus’ – the drug-resistant ‘superbug’ that regularly kills people in hospitals – especially if the private cleaning contractors cut back cleaning to enhance profits. So it’s nice of him to wish it on people who are…

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