Obama may of been elected President of the USA, but he takes orders from a very small minority, AIPAC.


This just arrived in my inbox:

Re: An open letter to President Obama from an American Jewish woman.
For many years I have been asking my American friends the same question posed at the end of this comment. But I still do not have an answer.
Ramez Ghazoul
Dear Mr. President,
My younger brother was an early believer in you. He worked for your Senate campaign. At the age of 25, he ran the GOTV campaign in North Carolina, delivering an improbable victory for you in a Southern state that helped give you your first term. This year, slightly less bright-eyed but nonetheless a believer, he was working on your campaign again when he died suddenly, a brilliant, energetic 29 year old, dead in his tracks. You know this. You called my parents. Your campaign, to my greatest appreciation and respect, brought grief counselors for his coworkers, dedicated a corner…

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