Unfortunately, since the 1990s under Stringer’s and Leese’s control, much of Manchester’s heritage has been destroyed. To make way for glass, concrete and steel buildings that are not fit for the 21st century. Many of them lying empty or only partially occupied. A tram system that displaced the railway and not the motor-car. Manchester has become one large slum in the making.


Preserving the heritage of the once mighty metropolis of Manchester

June 7, 2012 

© 2005-2012 Look and Learn

This edited article about Manchester originally appeared in Look and Learn issue number 720 published on 1 November 1975.

As its name suggests, like Rochester and Cirencester, Dorchester, Lancaster and Chester, the great city we know today as Manchester, capital of the north, was a Roman castra, or crossing place. It was established where a number of their major through-routes, to Hadrian’s Wall at Carlisle, to York, to the Dee estuary and to London, crossed.

Set the point of a pair of compasses at that crossing-place, marked by the 15th-century cathedral, and draw a circle five miles in radius, and you enclose a million people. Double that radius, and your circle encloses a population of 2,500,000, the largest concentration of human beings in one area…

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