Thoughts on why environmental groups failed to engage with a wider audience?

I was asked to do a post on why environmental groups which are predominately white middle-class, do not attract more of the working-class?  This is only some thoughts I had whilst doing some gardening and is not intended to answer the question at this present time.

The middle-class environmental activists dismiss the working-class (social & council housing tenants), as not caring about the environmental, even to the extent of scorning them.

They should stop to think, who is causing the most environmental damage?  The working-class or the business and political classes?  Who has failed the World most, the poor or rich?

The working-class are bombarded by advertising TV programmes and films showing how well off everyone else is.  So they aspire to this, this of course the point of advertising and the consumer oriented media.  These are the people who can least afford the things advertised, but they feel they have failed, if they do not have the things it would appear everyone else has.

So instead of telling those with the least, that they should do more, the environmentalist should be getting the message across to businesses and politicians, that they have to change.  The way to try and change the ‘working-class’ altitude ( as well as banning advertising), is to educate the children in how to live more environmentally friendly.  Such as schemes promoted by the Soil Association, which is the Food for Life Partnership.  To empower the working-class by actually involving them with the decision making at the start of any project being proposed.

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