Sustainable Communities Act

This is the reply I received from Tony Lloyd, MP for Manchester Central: 

Dear Mr Sudlow

Please find enclosed a copy of the reply I have received from the Department for Communities and Local Government about the forthcoming regulations under the Sustainable Communities Act 2007.

Clearly we need to keep pressure on the Government on this.

With best wishes,

Yours sincerely,


Tony Lloyd MP
Manchester Central

This was in reply to an e-mail I had sent him about the delay in the Sustainable Community regulations: 

Dear Anthony Lloyd MP,

Thank you for your support on various issues but I am very concerned about the very long and ongoing delay to the required Sustainable Communities Act regulations. This delay has now been going on for over nine months.

Only when these regulations are made can people get involved in the ‘bottom-up’ process of the Act and use it to help local shops, services and communities.  It has been shown many times, especially in countries like Austria and Denmark, that 'grass-root activism' has a far better success rate than 'top-down' initiatives.

The longer this delay goes on, the greater the risk that the initial enthusiasm for the Act will turn into cynicism and disillusionment.

Please could you write to Communities Minister, Greg Clark, urging him to make the Sustainable Communities Act regulations urgently? Thank you.


Patrick Sudlow 

And here is the official reply: 

Dear Tony,
Thank you for your email of 26 April to Rt Hon Greg Clark MP, enclosing correspondence
from Mr Patrick Sudlow, Hulme, Manchester, about the
forthcoming regulations under the Sustainable Communities Act 2007. I have been asked
to reply.
We have been discussing the scope of the regulations with Local Works as well as with
the Local Government Association to ensure that they are content with the forthcoming
regulations. While these discussions have contributed to the time taken in making the
regulations, I believe they were necessary to ensure the regulations helped support the
management of Sustainable Communities Act proposals and appeals.
We hope to make the regulations within the next few months .


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